So Whats new?

I enrolled with the OCA what seems like an age ago now.  Last week my joining email arrived in my inbox, activating email accounts, subscribing to the student forums and just getting to grips with studying.  2 days later my first course pack arrive, the box was slightly damaged but the goodies were still safe inside.

I’m impressed, inside were the tissue wrapped contents:

  • Expressing your vision course book
  • Black and red Notebook
  • Pen
  • Student handbook, nice A4 and colour printed
  • 1 book from the reading list “The Photograph as Contemporary Art” by Charlotte Cotton

Where do I start??

Well so far it’s been sorting out the accounts, this blog and completing some of the orientation short modules.  This also includes an online guide “An introduction to studying in HE” definitely worthwhile doing this first, by all means look through the course materials aswell but there are some very useful tips, some pretty obvious but useful all the same.  This also includes techniques on reading, this I decided to practise on the book from the pack.

I need to write a couple of paragraphs as an introduction to my tutor, no more than 2050 words so I’ll get cracking on that too.

More soon …….


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