Square Mile

I started today looking at the research for the first assignment.  Some of the links for practitioners in the research section are not working  (JH Engstrom is under construction) but as the web is a ‘living’ entity this is to be expected.

I’m intrigued by the artists quoted.  I love the images my Keith Arnatt, square format prints similar to the images I had printed a child.  The series on walking the dog are mainly  composed centrally with the owner and the dog posed.  The clothing and backgrounds, homes, gardens etc. remind me of my childhood and I have a strong connection with these.  I do also find some of them very funny, we do like to say that dogs look their owners and there are some of the images that truly reflect this.

One of the other series shown, rubbish tip. I connect with the least.  Although this set of images are all linked and provide congruity I do feel that images of chicken wings and teabags not that inspiring at all.  Although this may well be whats in the photographers locale its not unique and even distasteful, with that said its not dissimilar to what you would find at a local community disposal site or down your high street on any given evening. But with that said it has ignited a spark for me, let’s see where it leads.

I was impressed by the work of Peter Mansell and agree with him pushing the limits of his work but also agree with the tutor regarding whether it actually fitted within the landscape genre.  The cityscape imagery of the Olympic park shows great vision and research to actually capture those images is inspiring and educational at the same time.

From my perspective I will approach the assignment with a key to a theme.  I do not live near my place of birth and the and visit there very infrequently, every few years.  There are a number of places that I frequented as a child and have specific memories of but which I fear no longer exist.  It would be very difficult to undertake an assignment there for me.   Around 1994 I left my home town and moved to London, for the past 10 years I have lived in East London.

My ‘square mile’ is adjacent to the Limehouse Cut, within a few minutes walking distance to the Limehouse Basin and the Thames and also Canary Wharf and whats left of the industrial docks are now fashionable apartments and offices.   I plan to use the brief with a water theme, to encompass the current social activities along the canal/river and to show the diversity between what was then and what is now and the social divides that still exist now.

Weather is good this weekend so I’ll start with a wander down the Limehouse cut.


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