Square Mile Assignment

I want to thank those of you that have read my blog and commented on the images I’ve created.  Your suggestions on keeping the images in a consistent orientation I have considered but on reflection decided that some of the images would not deliver the impact I wanted to show if they were shifted from landscape to portrait.  Instead I’ve gone with my gut feeling and left the submission as originally uploaded, which had an equal split of portrait and landscape images.

I’ve now uploaded my first assignment, I must admit it took a while tonight to identify the correct file size of the contact sheets.  The uploading process is not very helpful and seemed to crash if you attempt to upload a file larger than 28mb rather than just tell you it was too big.

To keep the contact sheets within the required file size they are saved to PDF file format and I restricted the image numbers on each sheet to less than the stated maximum of 36 images, I went with 28 in the end and even then some of the files were close to the maximum this does mean there are 10 contact sheets and they are now at the end of my earlier post.

A little screaming and hair pulling but after the third attempt I managed to upload it successfully.

Off to bed methinks!



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