Photowalk – with Matt Hart

A free social activity photowalk event.  Special host is Matt Hart.  Matt is a professional photographer based in Liverpool and is also a Fuji ambassador.  Matt specialises in Street Photography and provides training events.

Why have I listed this event?

I studied a photography certificate course, our tutor set an assignment for street photography on brick lane that surprisingly I enjoyed.  Why did I enjoy it, well street photography is not a genre that I had explored previously and to be honest never really floated by boat.   Undertaking that exercise and the surrounding research into street photographers such as Bruce Gilden, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Vivian Maier I expanded my knowledge of great photographers and a new (to me) genre of photography.

Fellow students of mine have a leaning towards this genre and have produced some great imagery. I find myself still uncomfortable with taking photographs of people in the street.  My learning outcomes of this event:

  • Become more confident in street photography
  • Meet fellow photographers and network
  • Gain experience in street photography guide by a professional photographer

Eventbrite booking page accessed 28th August 2016

Lighttraveler – Webpage for Matthew Hart accessed 28th August 2016

Bruce Gilden – accessed 28th August 2016

Henri Cartier-Bresson – accessed 28th August 2016

Vivian Maier – accessed 28th August 2016



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