Exercise 1.1


I’ve taken 4 images at 1 second intervals from the same position.  All were taken handheld with the same camera settings ISO 800, f11, 1/125 of a second.  They have been imported directly from the camera and without image manipulation. Not a particularly great day for this exercise, had the sky not been a flat grey there would have been clouds and against a blue sky and with a. little bit off wind would have better depicted at the flowing of time and changes from 1 image to the next.

The images below are screen shots from Lightroom.


Frame 1 – 11:27:38 17/09/2016


Frame 2 – 11:27:39 17/09/2016


Frame 3 – 11:27:40 17/09/2016


Frame 4 – 11:27:41 17/09/2016

On first appearances all images are exactly the same, however when you compare the histogram data from image 1 & 3 side by side you see a change in the recorded colour values, although similar they are not identical:

In addition to this the details of the images from 3 & 4 show a slight change in the wind that has allowed the white flag (left of frame) to move slightly between frames. Again minor details but in the space of a second he world has changed not only in passing but perception of reality.


On first impressions this exercise seems pretty straightforward although at the time I could have changed the location.  I didn’t do this to keep the images quite neutral and to use the histogram to reflect what changes had occurred.  On reflection a different day and weather conditions would have made a more immediate impact on the passing of time, moving clouds, greater windspeed or a different location containing a moving subject such as a boat on the Thames.


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