Exercise 1.3


These images were taken using a 24-70 wide angle lens, the exercise asks for a number of images with a diagonal line to accentuate a chosen viewpoint.
My initial images for this exercise, the lead in lines move the eye very quickly along them and to the very point in which they leave the frame. when looking at the image you tend not to immediately see other aspects within the image without coming back and forcing yourself off the line to look.  If a focal point was missing in the upper part of the frames then you would be led straight out of the image.  I’ll update this page with other images from different locations to show different views.

#london, #morelondon, @_morelondon

This first image has 2 prominent vertical lines in the centre of the frame.  The eye goes straight to the image at the end and rather than leave the frame the eye lingers on the Tower Bridge tower at the end.  There is a stronger diagonal line from a building in the upper left of the frame that also draw the eye into the centre of the frame.  I took this image while lying on the floor to accentuate the lines of the man made stream at floor level.


Image 2 taken in the same location but further up the walkway.  The vertical lines in the stream are now offset and the building lines are now vertical rather than leading into Tower Bridge.  the viewpoint is the same but I feel that this image takes longer for the eye to reach the end of the frame.


Lead in lines from the upper left and lower right diagonal lines are very strong and lead the eye to Tower Bridge virtually immediately. I do come back to the man on the left hand side of the frame and wonder if he is going to fall from his chair or not.


Here I’ve moved onto the bridge itself .  We see a very prominent and very strong lead in line from upper left/left of the bridge structure into the Tower the bridge.


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