Mind mapping

I’m using an app called Mind Node[1][2]. This app allows me to create a mind map in the iPad os app which then synchronises with the online version so I can access it via a web browser quite fluently.  From there I can export an image to a jpg file format and then import that into my blog.  This can be useful if you want periodic progress reports to upload into a blog or for archive purposes. It would be nice if the software did this for you automatically, for me it doesn’t matter.

It is useful to also add photographs to the link and you can also add a to-do list for elements, a quasi project plan management system. There are other aspects to this software but I’m not using hem at the moment to comment.

I have found that although making a mindmap is brilliant to use and import into your research when you’ve exported it’s difficult to identify the file size and more importantly the physical size of the document when it’s printed.  This is maybe an issue for Adobe and their PDF format document but I also found that when printing I could not get a colour print in A3 format it would always print to B&W, not so much of an issue but when you have multiple lines together it’s not helpful.

Here is an example of a mindmap that I created for Assignment 3.  Very useful for me and for assessment may help assesors to get a handle on complex webpage/blog posts if you want to sue a visual format.

EYV - Assignment 3

[1] https://mindnode.com accessed 25th March 2017

[1] https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mindnode-delightful-mind-mapping/id312220102?mt=8 accessed 18/11/2016


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