Assignment 3; The decisive moment

I’ve started off assignment 3 with a mind map to help me with a little more focus but also so I don’t forget critical elements when I’m writing this up.  Noticing from the brief these images need to be printed I’ve read through the OCA forums on printing specifications, feedback from tutors and I’ve now purchased (sourced from Silverprint) 2 presentation boxes, A4 and A3 sizes and A3 matte double-sided paper.

Why double sided? well I thought about creating more work for myself by feeding the paper through the printer twice,  to then mix up and have to then bin.  Only joking, don’t get me wrong I am concerned by the double-sided printing practical aspects.  My thought process is 1 to save paper and in a vain attempt to help the environment, I can also then assemble the pages into an A3 binder (sourced from Marrutt).  I’ve sourced a small 7×5 binder and paper to practice with.  Based on my feedback from assignment 2 I will now be submitting prints on single-sided paper. Double sided prints I’ll keep for an overall presentation but for assignments, they will be single sided.

Update 23rd March

My prints arrived on 23rd March from Loxley (one day after ordering) and I posted them on 24th March ready for my google hangout call with Helen on 5th April.

My final images are below and contact sheets, please let me know if you have any comments 🙂

A3 final Image contact-1

Final Images Contact page 1

A3 final Image contact-2

Final Images Contact page 2

A3 contact sheet-1

Contact sheet Page 1

A3 contact sheet-2

Contact sheet Page 2


Mind map current version

EYV - Assignment 3


[1] accessed 18/11/2016

[2] *** RefMe has been replaced by an app called ‘Cite This for Me’ in Feb 2017.  The app does not have all of the full functionality of RefMe and it’s worthwhile looking to see if there are other apps available.  I’ll stick with it for the time being.

Reflection on assignment feedback

Based on the feedback from Helen I removed the 2 images that had white backgrounds and replaced them with 2 other images.  In addition, we had discussed the size of the images and although I still feel the square crop works well based on the content to allow the images to be larger they would not fit in the box for assessment submission.

I also received separate feedback on one of the forums that the images were too dark, I agree that they are a little dark but this also hides some of background issues with the setup.  For assessment, I’ll reprint the images to include the 2 additional images I’ve swapped out and re-crop so they can be printed to A4 with a consistent border and I’ll also boost the highlights so the images are not so dark.