Assignment 5 – further reflection

Part of the feedback from my Tutor for assignment 5 included the following photographers:

Sarah Lee – accessed 22/01/2018

George Giorgiou – accessed 22/01/2018

Thomas Kellner – accessed 22/01/2018

I looked at the work of Sarah Lee, the images have a nice colour pallette bright and in most cases light even through they are at night she uses the available light.  Most of the people are going about their business, sitting on the bus or just waiting around for a bus. They are in their own worlds wirther reflecting on what is going on in their heads or being taken away from the journey by a book to pass away the time.  Some of the commuters have recognised the camera and there are looks ranging from interest to discontent.   I particulartly like the image of the man behind hte condensation on the window, there is an element of intrigue here, what does he look like, who is he, do I know him.  You also felel like you wnt to reach out and draw a smiley face into the condensation so you can see him peak though.

George has sat on a bus and taken photographs of the life that passes by him on the journey, normal people going about their business.  These are images you see everyday on the bus when you look out of the window, they are image sthat you see and then quickly dismiss from your memory as they are just normal like.  I saw the image of the tyre fitting workshop, I immediately recognised this as it’s a 5 minute walk down the canal from me, it no longer exists as most of that area is being regenerated.  A moment in time which is now lost, just like our memory of the journey and the fleeting billoard advertisement of Davina McCall and the hair colouring.

I love the abstract works of Thomas Kellner.  The monuments of Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) and the Eiffel Tower are amazing.  csm_02_01_a72c8dcf7e.jpg (accessed 22/01/2018)


They remind me of a Transfomer robot toy or a kaleidoscope image.  The framing of each image with the film frame adds an extra layer away from the actual individual frames.  There are pages (accessed 22/01/2018) from his noteook on the Eiffel tower which give an insight into how these images have been constructed and layered to produce the final output.  Very impressive and a tick in the box for me to attempt!

Assignment 5 Photography is Simple

Assignment 5 Photography is Simple


This extract has been taken from the OCA handbook.

Take a series of 10 photographs of any subject of your own choosing.  Each photograph must be a unique view of the same subject.  I other words, it must contain some ‘new information’ rather than repeat the information of the previous image.  Pay attention to the order of the series; if you’re submitting prints, number them on the back. There should be a clear sense of development through the sequence.

Assignment 5

Link to Exercise 5.2

Contact sheets

Contact sheet Assignment 5 Final Images

Contact sheets for all images in this assignment

How I’ve compiled the contact sheets can be read here.

Reflection on assignment feedback is at the bottom of this page.

Images for assignment

Image 01-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 1

Image 02-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018-2

Image 2

Image 03-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 3

Image 04-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 4

Image 05-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 5

Image 06-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 6

Image 07-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018-2

Image 7

Image 08-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018-2

Image 8

Image 09-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 9

Image 10-EYV Assignment 5- 516037-07012018

Image 10


This is my final assignment for EYV.  The images above were created on a Sunday afternoon, thankfully for this time of year the weather was clear and with a light wind but bitterly cold and as you would expect along the River Thames a little draughty at time on the bridges and around Embankment.

I began looking at the London Eye for this assignment.  I see it all the time, it dominates the London skyline and is one of the most recognisable elements that can be seen for miles around.    Because of  this it must have been photographed millions of times, most of them will look very similar,  the standard generic ‘tourist’ photographs.  My challenge was to look at something different of the same subject.  I see this every day when I go to and from work when I leave the underground station.  I was initially drawn to the colours, a simple red target sitting amidst the clutter on the Thames.   I took a few pics with my phone, each one is different and contains other elemsnts such as cranes, fences, construction sites.  As a subject it’s pretty small in the frame so as Robert Capa was quoted as saying:

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”


I undertook an internet image search of the London Eye, most of the image results returned were the generic ones of the Eye itself, the sort of image you would see on tourist promotional literature.  I didn’t want mimic those images and so focussed on the unique aspects of the Eye itself, how it fits into its surroundings and architecture/or not and the nature elements.  My original thoughts were to look at evening images as per the test shots and either the different lighting elements or light effects, however I quickly dismissed that as I looked at night images in my last assignment.

I think the images above set out what I wanted to cover, the later afternoon sunshine adds a different element to the lighting and how the Eye appears, also by framing with tree branches or construction cranes they add the natural and surroundings elements I was looking for.  The bird images I decided to leave in the series as they again add a different dimension and the gull on the bridge seems to be looking at the Eye aswell.

Reflection on assignment feedback

I received feedback on my assignment submission and following this I have updated this blog post.

Helen wanted to see all of the images taken and I have now uploaded these (link above), all of the images for this shoot were taken on the same afternoon.

I had failed to link in my response to exercise 5.2 link is above.

Although images 3,4,5,6 are all diffreent aspects of the same subject Helen feels that the differences are too subtle, for example does the gull on the bridge add any value to the image.  I should select the strongest of the 4 images.  Based on this feedback I have selected image 3, this image contains the framing of tree branches on the right if the frame.  I feel this not only shows he subject the framing ties back into the nature element I mentioned earlier but this also ties back into image 1. I’ve also submitted 3 additional images and these are below.

The first image is of a merry go round on the Southbank and near to the Eye.  The wheel is appearing above the colourful merry go round, it shows that other businesses set up to ply the passing tourists going to and from the Eye itself.  There is a flagpole behind this flying the union flag but also mittors the flags on the roundabout itself, we’ve also got trees on the embankment reaching up and towards the Eye.

The second new image is of the lower portion of the Eye, it shows the tree lined embankment where each tree seems to have a street light partner.  the street lights are lit with the same colour of the sky in the background.  The Eye sits between these trees and the streetlights and is overlooking parliament in the lower right of the frame.

The final image is taken towards the Eye, the trees dominate the fore and middle ground,  providing strong lead in lines to the Eye which can be made out in the background.  The 2 strong supportling legs spring out of the middle and point up  in an inverted V.  Circular passenger pods can be seen nestling within the tree branches.

A5-CarlGoodwin -516037-Image-13

A5-CarlGoodwin -516037-Image-12

A5-CarlGoodwin -516037-Image-11

I will address the new images into the revised contact sheet here and revise the image ordering prior to submitting for assessment.

Image 7 I’ve decided to leave alone, I like the image istself even though I prefer it in a vertical crop I like the flag as something new to the frame but with a hint of the branches below.

Finally I was very much inspired by the links Helen provided to the works of Sarah Lee, George Giorgiou and Thomas Kellner.  I looked at their image sets today and my thoughts are written up here. I had not thought to photograph the subject in an abstract way such as Thomas Kellner or from a bus window such as George Giorgiou.

Sarah Lee – accessed 22/01/2018

George Giorgiou - accessed 22/01/2018

Thomas Kellner – accessed 22/01/2018

The revised contact sheet of images is below, following revision of the final image set I printed the images onto plain paper and cut them out, the images I then laid out ontomy desk and moved around to decide which options suited the final images.  Due to limited space I found it easier and quicker to print a small set of images.

The final layout is shown below.


Ass5 - Carl Goodwin - 516037 - final contact sheet

Revised Final contact sheet for submission.



[1] accessed 22/01/2018