Exercise 4.4


Exercise 4.4 initial setup

Background work and setup for assignment 4 – fruit still life

Assignment 4 notes & brief

My background notes are attached as PDF pages to this post.  My intention was to undertake exercise 4.4 and then expand this into Assignment 4.  Instead, I got to the end of this exercise and decided I wanted to produce something else for the assignment.

My Lighting set up and light settings are in the setup notes.  I kept the background and overhead lighting constant and then moved around the key light to create shadows and form of the subjects (fruit/vegetables).   The key light was moved around the subject and also elevated, by moving around this created/reduced shadows of the subject depending on the angle of the light relative to the subject, i.e. lower light angle casts longer shadows higher angle shortens the shadows.  By controlling the angle you can replicate natural lighting conditions according to the time of day. The shadow and catchlights on the object identify where the key light was positioned.  each different position of the key light shows a different surface texture on each object and goes to show how 1 light differently positioned can produce such a different effect and

My subjects are all natural objects and I chose fruit/vegetables of the same colour but as they are natural objects they all have different colour values for each object and even in the object itself.  Of all the objects photographed

Final Image Set

Assignment 4 contact sheet final

Reflection on Exercise

Each different position of the key light represents a different surface texture on each object and shows how 1 light differently positioned can produce such a different effect and tell a different story of the same scene. I particularly like the tomatoes and peppers, the smooth surfaces produce a nice catchlight on the surface but the peppers have a long undulating surface that adds contrast to the object.

The errors in the image such as the crinkled background and water splash ion the paper can be fixed in post-production, I have for the purpose of this exercise left them in as a reminder to fix in the frame at the time.


Exercise 4.5

Exercise 4.5


I’ve strayed from the brief of the exercise here and decided to look at a particular subject that interests me rather than an ordinary object found in the household or landscape.

I have a very keen interest in aircraft, in particular, those from World War 2.  I undertook a basic search in Google for ‘Mustang’. I expected a result for a horse, car and aircraft.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 18.12.54.png

Google search created 19th November 2017

Instead all the images were of the car so I refined the search to Mustang P51 as I’m looking for the aircraft.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 18.12.29.png

Google search created 19th November 2017

These are all very much Air to Air (A2A) images and very much interesting to me as an enthusiast at the moment I’m not able to create images such as these.  I did attempt an A2A with my subject aircraft but due to CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) licensing issues this did not happen this flying season, hopefully next (fingers crossed).

Despite this I wanted to create some different images with different lighting, angles and elements of this beautiful shiny aircraft. I attended 2 events over the summer with my chosen subject aircraft a P51 Mustang owned by Peter Teichmann which is based at Hanger 11 in North Weald.  I created images that were different to those in the test search above, they differ as all are static images but include a different perspective.   I feel they capture the different elements of the aircraft not normally represented, the contact sheet is here Exercise 4.5 contact sheet.

From this exercise I wanted to expand by looking at aircraft over the early evening and night, not only does this present a different lighting element to the ones shown above it also presents different and changing conditions that require longer exposures to create images with spinning propellor discs and if possible engine exhausts spitting flames as the engines are started or pushed to maximum throttle.

This final image was created in the early evening on 2nd May 2017, the intent was to create a sunset image of the aircraft, however, there was cloud cover that blocked out the sun.  the night ended with a lovely balanced blue hour and this is when this image was created.  Unfortunately, the engine run that would give the spinning propellor disc on a longer exposure didn’t occur until after the sun had finally set.

Exercise 4.5 final